Online Training Pemakaian HEC – RAS PT Eltasa Prima

Online Training Pemakaian HEC – RAS PT Eltasa Prima


PT Eltasa Prima pada tanggal 3 dan 4 Mei 2021 menggelar pelatihan online training berjudul HEC – RAS. Pelatihan yang digelar selama dua hari ini menggunakan media online Zoom Meeting dengan peserta yang berasal dari PT Quantus Consultans Indonesia. Sekilas tentang PT Quantus Consultans Indonesia, adalah Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Mining Industry, Power Plant, Oil & Gas dan Infrastruktur di Indonesia sejak 2011. Adapun pembahasan lengkap tentang judul HEC – RAS adalah sebagai berikut.

Foto Online Training Pemakaian HEC – RAS PT Eltasa Prima

Deskripsi Online Training Pemakaian HEC – RAS PT Eltasa Prima

This intensive, hands-on, three day seminar and computer workshop will prepare the engineer and wa-ter resource professional to use the HEC-RAS computer program in real world situations. Led by ex-perts with experience in hydraulic modeling, participants learn how to conduct water surface profiles, bridge hydraulics, and flood plain information studies using the steady flow capabilities of HEC-RAS. Unsteady flow capabilities are taught in a separate companion class HEC-RAS Computer Workshop for Unsteady Flow Applications.

The HEC-RAS modeling system was developed as part of the Hydrologic Engineering Center’s Next Generation software and replaces several existing Corps of Engineers programs, including the HEC-2 water surface profile program. HEC-RAS incorporates various aspects of hydraulic modeling, including water surface profile computations and bridge hydraulics.

HEC-RAS advances in open channel hydraulic analysis include:

 Automatic analysis of sub-critical and super-critical flow regimes in a single analysis

 Availability of all widely used methods for bridge and culvert hydraulic analysis

 Ability to perform bridge scour analysis including pier contraction and abutment scour

 Many other capabilities developed from years of experience with HEC-2 and other major hydraulic analysis computer programs

While offering these advanced capabilities, HEC-RAS remains compatible with HEC-2 and will import almost any correctly-assembled HEC-2 input data file, perform hydraulic analysis, and will yield essen-tially the same results as HEC-2 for the same input data. All major HEC-2 program features and options have been incorporated in HEC-RAS, including bridge and culvert analysis, and floodway computations.

HEC-RAS is user friendly, computationally efficient, and runs within, and fully supports, the Microsoft Windows environment. It uses the latest graphical user interface (GUI) technology for data entry, graphics, and display of program results. Complete context-sensitive help screens are available for eve-ry program feature and option. Software includes the following functions: file management, data entry and editing, hydraulic analyses, tabulation and graphical displays of input and output data, reporting facilities, and on-line help.

HEC-RAS is one of the most extensively-tested civil engineering computer programs ever developed. In addition to extensive in-house testing at the Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center offices, the program has been through two full beta releases, during which the program was tested by thou-sands of engineers in the private and public sectors.


Setelah mengikuti training ini peserta diharapkan mampu memahami:

  1. Learn how to use the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS (River Analysis System) computer program
  2.  Gain hands-on HEC-RAS experience by participating in practical computer workshops
  3.  Get an overview of hydraulic principles for rivers, waterway bridges, and culverts
  4.  Optimize the effectiveness of your next flood control or drainage projects
  5.  Obtain valuable insights in model development and flood-way optimization for FEMA flood insurance studies


  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of HEC-RAS Capabilities
  3. Basic Hydraulic Model Development
  4. Computer Workshop on Basic Model Development
  5. Modeling Tributary Junctions
  6. Computer Workshop on Modeling Tributaries and Junctions
  7. Modeling Ineffective Flow Areas and Levees
  8. Basic Hydraulic Theory
  9. Modeling Bridges
  10. Computer Workshop on Modeling Bridges
  11. Modeling Culverts
  12. Modeling Multiple Openings
  13. Computer Workshop on Multiple Openings
  14. FEMA Floodway Determination
  15. Computer Workshop on Floodway Determination
  16. Computer Workshop on Output Analysis
  17. Case Study

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Informasi dan pendaftaran training dapat dilakukan melalu kontak WA/SMS/TELP di nomor 081226247070 (Lia)

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